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    The JuniorTrad is a small group lead by teacher Duncan Cameron for multiple instruments and levels. We meet biweekly at various homes. Please contact us if your child is interested in joining. 613-866-6610

  • Sudbury Slow Tunes Sessions

    The slow session is an informal group for playing tunes and songs at slow & moderate pace. Fiddles, guitars, accordions etc as well as singers! Come and join us! Kids are welcome. We have a tune list that we update regularly with our common tunes. The session is hosted at various homes/gardens during the summer, at flexible times. It's currently held weekly in the summer, biweekly in the winter. Please contact us at; or call Lou 613-866-6610 or FB Messenger msg me; Pls join our FB group for news of other SudburyFolkTrad events; Tunes played at the SLOW SESSION & Sudbury National Fiddle Day; YouTube playlist of SLOW SESSION & Sudbury National Fiddle Day tunes; **If you are looking for the REGULAR PACED session here in Sudbury, check it out here; This one happens on weekly, check Fb group for time & date. *during the summer we meet informally, pls check this FB group Tunes commonly played in Sudbury at the regular session; YouTube playlist for songs commonly sung at the regular session;

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